The Time Is Right for RFID in Health Care

janeiro 11, 2008

 The benefits for hospitals and other medical facilities are so overwhelming; it’s hard to understand why the sector is not leading RFID adoption.
By Mark Roberti

Jan. 7, 2008-A lot of ink has been devoted to questioning whether radio frequency identification systems deliver a return on investment. Most questions surround the use of RFID in open supply chains. One issue that was clearly resolved in 2007 was that RFID delivers huge benefits for closed-loop applications-and nowhere is that more evident than in the health-care sector.

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Barcelona clubbers get chipped

janeiro 8, 2008

Simon Morton gets his microchipBBC Science producer Simon Morton goes clubbing in Barcelona with a microchip implanted in his arm to pay for drinks.

Imagine having a glass capsule measuring 1.3mm by 1mm, about the size of a large grain of rice injected under your skin. Implanting microchips that emit a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into animals has been common practice in many countries around the world, with some looking to make it a legal requirement for domestic pet owners.

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Vídeos de RFID em Bibliotecas

dezembro 18, 2007

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Usos futuristas de RFID

dezembro 18, 2007

Cool, Surprising and just Plain Scary: 51 Futuristic Uses for RFID


Wal-Mart swears by it, CASPIAN thinks it’s the devil in disguise, the government hopes to profit from it, and the common man is confused by all the hype surrounding it – love it or hate it, there’s no turning back the clock on RFID folks, this is one technology that’s here to stay and go places. It’s being used in numerous applications, from tracking items along the supply chain to monitoring the whereabouts of kids and the elderly. It’s been kicking up a storm of privacy issues, and the FDA approval for VeriChip to implant human beings in the name of medical advances hasn’t done anything to settle the dust. Continue lendo »

A Internet das coisas

dezembro 17, 2007

Muito já se falou sobre internet para humanos. O pessoal do Auto Id labs resolveu criar a internet das coisas. No link abaixo é possível conferir como funciona o conceito além de acessar todas informações pertinentes a padrões de comunicação.

Open the door with RFID

dezembro 14, 2007

Um sistema muito legal para abertura de portas via RFID

RFID at Healthcare

dezembro 11, 2007

Logística de pacientes: