What is Happening with RFID

janeiro 8, 2008

What is Happening with RFID,
Who Will Succeed in RFID,
and How Can I Earn a Career Opportunity in RFID?

RFID offers tremendous opportunities for both companies and individuals. 

Currently, for individuals, most of the best opportunities are available for candidates who have experience with RFID.  Why?  Although RFID is “hotter” than most information technologies and has a very bright long range outlook employers are cautiously ramping-up hiring to ensure that hiring doesn’t improperly outpace revenue.  As of the first half of 2008, just enough “supply” is available in the market which means that employers can choose from among candidates with RFID experience. Continue lendo »


Knowledgebase de RFID

dezembro 18, 2007

Bíblia do RFID e outros livros, papers e links

dezembro 18, 2007

General RFID

Here is a list of outstanding books and papers that provide both basic and detailed information about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
rfid_handbook.jpg Klaus Finkenzeller
RFID Handbook (2nd edition)
This book is the “bible” of RFID. The reader can get a decent overview of RFID technology and applications by reading Chapters 1-2 and 13. Additionally, the rest of the book contains a wealth of technical details for those who want to REALLY understand how RFID works.

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Como implementar projetos de RFID – Siemens

dezembro 17, 2007

Passado o momento de entender a tecnologia RFID e seus benefícios, chegou a hora de começar a trabalhar suas aplicações. * Eduardo Araújo dos Santos

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dezembro 14, 2007

Mais uma referência na tecnologia RFID.

Portal mantido pela CMP – United Business Media – e com forte patrocínio da Motorola

PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

dezembro 14, 2007

Link para uma boa fonte de conhecimento em gerenciamento de ciclo de vida de produtos (processos etc.):


Gestão de Mudança

dezembro 14, 2007

Excelente material da JISC Infonet sobre gestão de mudança. Abaixo, um diagrama mostrando os aspectos da mudança, Pessoas, Processos e Cultura, e depois um link para o pdf com o material todo que está disponível também diretamente no website:

pdf: Change Management Infokit