Zebra Solutions

janeiro 11, 2008

Fabricante de equipamentos relacionados a RFID.

Dentre estes, uma impressora de tags bastante interessante e acessível.

O website ainda conta com bastante material útil, vale conferir com frequência.



dezembro 18, 2007

RFID Supply CHAIN Show

ProActive – França

dezembro 18, 2007

Empresa Francesa com dispositivos readers/writers em interface flash e outras…. “contactless and smartcard readers for PocketPC and rugged PDA, as well as OEM and desktop couplers“.

Cursos gratuitos

dezembro 13, 2007


Excelente fonte de referência em RFID. Essa empresa é especializada em treinamendos na tecnologia e certificação. Pode ser interessante discutirmos a possibilidade de representação desta no Brasil. Faremos os treinamentos gratuitos, online, nos próximos dias.

Também disponibilizam uma newsletter, Blog, Podcast e Feeds RSS….

Allied Telecom S.I. Ltda. – http://www.alliedtelecom.com.br/

dezembro 11, 2007

RFID em Hospitais

dezembro 11, 2007

WebWire: Patient safety will drive the use of the next generation of active-RFID (radio frequency identification) location tags from Radianse, Inc., an innovator of indoor positioning solutions (IPS) used to locate and associate equipment and people in hospitals.

Radianse will show the industry’s first single-use active-RFID tag for patient location at the 2005 HIMSS Conference and Exposition (Booth 6655) February 14-17 in Dallas, Texas.

The wristwatch-sized device is one-eighth the price of the average competitive tags marketed for patient location. It’s designed to maximize comfort, safety and convenience across a patient’s length of stay. It can even be worn safely in the shower. The Radianse single-use tag can be slipped onto a patient’s ID wrist band. Or a hospital can choose to print patient ID information on Radianse tamper-resistant wrist bands using existing printers.

The tag has a button that can be programmed based on the patient’s location. In the PACU, for example, a button push might signal the patient is ready for transport.

Patient location applications shown to improve safety and satisfaction.

Press Release

fonte: http://www.coolbusinessideas.com/archives/rfid_for_hospitals.html