Bíblia do RFID e outros livros, papers e links

General RFID

Here is a list of outstanding books and papers that provide both basic and detailed information about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
rfid_handbook.jpg Klaus Finkenzeller
RFID Handbook (2nd edition)
This book is the “bible” of RFID. The reader can get a decent overview of RFID technology and applications by reading Chapters 1-2 and 13. Additionally, the rest of the book contains a wealth of technical details for those who want to REALLY understand how RFID works.

RFID Security/Privacy Here is a list of books, papers, and websites that provide information about RFID Security and Privacy issues and research.

RFID_garfinkel.jpg Simson Garfinkel, Beth Rosenberg
RFID: Application, Security, and Privacy
This book provides a diverse collection of essays, that explore a variety of RFID applications, and investigate their security and privacy issues from various stakeholder perspectives.

document.jpg Sanjay Sarma, Stephen Weis, and Daniel Engels
RFID systems and security and privacy implications
This is one of the classic papers in RFID security research

document.jpg Simson L. Garfinkel, Ari Juels, Ravi Pappu
RFID Privacy: An Overview of Problems and Proposed Solutions
This is a well-written article, that gives an overview of RFID security and privacy issues.

document.jpg Melanie R. Rieback, Bruno Crispo, Andrew S. Tanenbaum
The Evolution of RFID Security
This article provides a glimpse of the co-evolution of RFID technology and its security and privacy problems.

document.jpg Ari Juels, Ronald L. Rivest, Michael Szydlo
The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy
This classic article provides the first off-tag RFID access control solution

General RFID Links

From RFID Wiki



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[edit] Web Resources

[edit] Part I – General RFID Resources

Introduction to RFID

History of RFID


News Sites



Open-Source Projects

Local Resources

[edit] Part II – RFID Applications


Animal Tracking

#Automatic Payment

Drivers Licenses


Inductively-Powered Computing






Supply Chain Management


[edit] Part III – RFID Security and Privacy

Anti-RFID Viewpoints

Privacy Concerns


Hacking RFID Systems

Passport Security

Security and Privacy Research

Security and Privacy Researchers

[edit] Airports

[edit] Animal Tracking

[edit] Anti-RFID Viewpoints

[edit] Automatic Payment

  • E-ZPass – RFID-based automatic toll payment system
  • Mastercard PayPass – RFID-enhanced credit card for contactless payment
  • Speedpass – ExxonMobil’s RFID-based gas payment system

[edit] Drivers Licenses

[edit] Events

[edit] Hacking RFID Systems

[edit] Healthcare

  • Cypack – RFID-based “paper computers” for smart pharmaceutical packaging
  • Surgichip – RFID-based smart-label system for surgery patients
  • VeriMed – Subdermal RFID patient identification system
  • Blood tracking – Hospital in Germany uses RFID to tag patients and bags of blood

[edit] History of RFID

[edit] Inductively-Powered Computing

  • PIN-on-Card – Cypak’s contactless smart card with an integrated PIN keypad
  • RFID Music Player – Prototype system that plays C64 SID-encoded music files from RFID tags

[edit] Introduction to RFID

[edit] Legislation

[edit] Libraries

[edit] Local Resources

[edit] Manufacturers/Vendors

Major vendors:

And a few others:

[edit] Manufacturing

[edit] News Sites

[edit] Open-Source Projects

[edit] Organizations

[edit] Passports

[edit] Passport Security

[edit] Privacy Concerns

  • EPIC’s RFID Privacy Page – Webpage discussing the privacy threats against RFID technology
  • EFF’s RFID Page – The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s position on the use of RFID
  • Surpriv – Ross Stapleton-Gray’s blog about RFID Surveillance and Privacy

[edit] Security and Privacy Research

[edit] Security and Privacy Researchers

[edit] Sensors

  • Bacterial Detection – Auburn University’s bacterial detection RFID tags
  • Humidity Sensors – Article discussing DeltaTRAK’s RFID-base FlashLink wireless temperature and humidity sensors
  • Motion Sensors – Article describing Axcess’ active motion sensor RFID tags
  • Radiation Detection – Axcess’ active radiation-detection RFID tag
  • Temperature Sensors (Last known update) – KSW Microtec’s active RFID temperature sensor tags
  • Tire Pressure (Last known update) – Michelin’s RFID-based tire pressure sensors

[edit] Supermarkets

[edit] Supply Chain Management

[edit] Transportation

  • Octopus Card – Wikipedia description of Hong Kong’s RFID-based mass transit card
  • OV Chipkaart – Dutch RFID-based public transportation pass (page in Dutch)

[edit] Misc RFID-Related Websites

[Wikipedia RFID] [Wikipedia RFID related pages] [Startpagina RFID (NL)] [Forbes A Hacker’s Guide To RFID] [The Nation The Trouble with RFID] [RFID Platform (NL)] [Csmonitor Can your razor blade spy on you?] [Ross Mayfield’s Blog RFID Hacks] [The Guardian Tesco tests spy chip technology] [Standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC)] [RFID shield Can Aluminum Shield RFID Chips?]

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