RiFiDi – IDE Open-source para RFID

Rifidi is the premier open source IDE for RFID.   Rifidi let’s you develop an RFID system entirely with Software Components and removes the dependency on hardware and infrastructure that RFID typically demands.

Rifidi makes it possible to ‘Virtualize’ your infrastructure with Software Defined RFID Readers, RFID Tags, and RFID Events that behave like their real-life counterparts.

Project Goals 

The goal of Rifidi is to provide a development tool that greatly simplifies the way RFID applications are developed.   The developers of Rifidi are accomplished consultants, engineers, and researchers with the common opinion that RFID development is too complicated and not repeatable.   The goal of Rifidi is to make this process repeatable and simple.

The future of Rifidi will bring a tool that can build fully realized RFID environments.   Similar to building a map or creating a small model, Rifidi will allow you to build virtual versions of your RFID business processes.   Imagine a factory running with many different readers and the tags that flow through it.   The ultimate goal of the Rifidi product is to let you model that and simulate every event that happens in such a system.

You can read more about the project’s goals and how it got started in the About Rifidi Section.

Target Audience 


Rifidi is intended for application developers, architects, and analysts with a little knowledge of RFID, a little more knowledge of RFID Processes, and a lot of interest in developing the next generation of RFID applications.

Useful for:

  • Developers currently building an RFID application
  • Developers who want to support a previously built application
  • Software Companies seeking to test their products
  • Consulting Companies wishing to prototype a specific application

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