LogicAlloy – Middleware open-source

ALE Server

ALE Server is a high performance, easy to use, cost effective middleware solution that eases the integration of RFID hardware with existing business systems. Based on EPCglobal standards, it empowers your organization to quickly comply with mandates without making costly changes to your existing business systems.

As an open source application with a zero-cost license, ALE Server gives you the freedom and flexibility to use the software for no upfront cost. In addition, logicAlloy makes RFID easy by bundling our high-performance engine with a package of easy to use management tools including a web-based administration console and a SOAP API.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible License

    ALE Server is released under a dual-license model that gives you the flexibility to chose the license that fits your needs best: the open source Sleepycat License or a flexible OEM Commercial License.

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  • Standards Compliant

    ALE Server is the only open source middleware that fully complies with today’s RFID standards including EPCglobal’s ALE specification. Standards compliance means your organization can quickly comply with RFID mandates from top retailers. EPCglobal ALE compliance also assures you that ALE will play friendly with other RFID hardware and components.

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  • Easy To Use

    ALE Server includes simple configuration and management tools that make implementing RFID middleware a snap! Setup and configuration documentation is also included.

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  • Easy Integration

    ALE Server includes a Web-Services (SOAP) API and pre-built client libraries for simplifying integration with your business systems. With ALE Server’s built-in notification support for web, email, and databases, your RFID data can be integrated with nearly any system in your enterprise! Additionally, ALE Server also has a plug-in framework allowing you to create plug-ins that integrate ALE Server with nearly any device and output data to nearly any system in the world!

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  • Lightning Fast Performance

    Capable of handling trillions of RFID tags per day, ALE Server can support even the most demanding enterprises. Built with performance and efficiency in mind, ALE handles more tags with less memory and CPU than the competition!

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